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How often do you take your dog and cat out for a spa day? Your groomer must have told you that no matter how often they go for grooming, you need to brush your dog and cat on a regular basis, especially the long-haired.


Do you ever have to struggle about your dog and cat’s nails? Sometimes it is very difficult for you to trim the nails at home and they grow so fast! Is it just a hassle to bring them out for a cut? Not to mention, many grooming places only give an inclusive full grooming service meaning they don’t provide a nail cutting service by itself.


Don’t worry. Again, we are professionals! Our pet specialists are certified groomers. During our sessions, we can offer add-on services for brushing, nail cutting, nail grinding, ear plucking and ear cleaning too.  We will clean up any messes afterward.

Add-on Services: About
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