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Every night when you step through your door you will always see your furry baby with a wiggling tail welcoming you home after a long day of waiting. They are showing their love for you, which is all they have. Remember the next time you are basking in one another’s company, cuddling with them, that our furry family member might need more attention and more exercise while you are away from home.

Dog Walking on a Sunny Day
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Isn’t it exciting to welcome your new puppy that you’ve waited for so long to be home for the first time? How quickly was it though, to be frustrated and struggling how to train them with their potty breaks, nipping and jumping issues, excessive barking, inappropriate chewing and bolting problems?

Image by Marvin Meyer
Image by Roberto Nickson


While you are away on your vacation or business trip, is there always a place in your heart that worries about your dog? You keep wondering what your dog is doing at the boarding facility or a friend’s place. Will they get along with other dogs? Is he/she getting enough of the cuddling that he always likes? Are they lonely and feeling anxious?

Image by Veronika Homchis


Do you ever feel guilty when you have to be away from home and your cats have to stay by themselves? Likely, you might have a friend to feed your cat, or your friends will offer to take your cat to their home while you are away. However, is this what your cat wants? Will your friend be busy? What if they couldn’t spend much time with them or just couldn’t make it visit? Will your cat get along with other animals that your friend might have at their home? Will they love your cats as you do?



How often do you take your dog and cat out for a spa day? 

Do you ever have to struggle about your dog and cat’s nails? Sometimes it is very difficult for you to trim the nails at home and they grow so fast! Is it just a hassle to bring them out for a cut?

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