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It is pretty common to see cats as low maintenance, independent individuals. People often assume they don’t need their owners to feel secure and safe in the same way dogs do.  Popular studies attempt to convince cat owners that their benign indifference conclusively means they don’t miss you when you’re gone…


Cat people all know this is far from the truth. Our loving and sensitive cat friends are fiercely aware. Their knowledge and awareness is far more internal than people realize. While the physical interaction is absent, they crave reassurance; we see this when they lay on top of your clothes or wait near the door for you to come back home.


Do you ever feel guilty when you have to be away from home and your cats have to stay by themselves? Likely, you might have a friend to feed your cat, or your friends will offer to take your cat to their home while you are away. However, is this what your cat wants? Will your friend be busy? What if they couldn’t spend much time with them or just couldn’t make it visit? Will your cat get along with other animals that your friend might have at their home? Will they love your cats as you do?


Paw Please will give you a reliable, secure and responsible cat sitting service tailored to your needs. Your cats will maintain their regular routine in the comfort of your own home while you are not available. This eliminates transportation and the discomfort of unfamiliar surroundings.


Your cat will feel safe and secure in their own stress-free home with their daily routine and diet while receiving professional exclusive in-home care with individual attention from our experienced cat sitting specialist. This solution quells the separation anxiety and abandonment stress they feel outside their realm.


We are cat specialists and have love for and understanding of, their needs and behaviors. Our mission is to make sure your cat is thriving despite your absence. We will get to know each and every cat individually. We understand every one of them has a different personality. We will learn their routines and the best way to interact with them and make sure every visit is a fun and relaxing experience for them while you are not around.


We will provide daily updates for you to see how much fun they are having on their staycation as well as monitoring any changes in behavior and appetite, maintaining clean and fresh drinking water and meticulous maintenance of litterbox as well as administrating any kind of medication.


We also offer complimentary service with house check and bringing in mails and newspapers while you are away. Watering indoor plants, alternating lights and blinds if needed.


People often inquire if we offer cat sitting services on a regular basis. While they are always being busy, they feel that there’s no enough time left for their purry baby. The answer is YES! We are gladly to help! We could be very flexible, and scheduled twice a week to clean litterbox, brush them, cuddle and play with them.

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