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Service Rates and Requirements

Dog Walking


  • Choice of 30 minutes and 60 minutes, on-leash private walks, group walks upon request

  • Using healthy treats (with owner’s permission) and positive reinforcement training methods only

  • Upon request for a group walk, we will have maximum of 4 dogs in a group with similar temperaments, size and energy level

  • We will provide leashes and coats when needed

  • We will help dogs to learn how to walk with minimal pulling and socialization

  • Water breaks throughout the walks

  • Towel clean their feet after every walk


  • All dogs must have secure collars and harnesses with name tags and phone numbers attached at all times

  • No choke chains, prong collars

  • All dogs in group walks must be neutered or spayed by 12 months of age

  • Dogs that have not be neutered or spayed yet have to be walked individually

  • All dogs must be up to date with vaccinations

  • Puppies for group walks must be 4 months old or older and have their 3rd set of shots completed

  • A key to your home is provided either in a lockbox or is left at your front desk

  • We require 2 or more walks per week


30-minute private walk is $35 plus HST

60-minute private walk is $45 plus HST


* If agreed to walk with other dogs (group of 4 maximum), every dog receives 10% off

* Prices differ for evening and weekend walks

* Holiday walks have 30% surcharge


Service Rates and Requirements

Service Rates and Requirements: Services


  •  30-minute visit with plenty of love and attention

  • Up to 4 cats per household, additional cats will be subject to a surcharge

  • Food and water replenishment according to your instructions

  • Litter box cleaning and take out litter trash

  • Playtime and cuddle time

  • Daily brushing

  • Pet meds if given with food or in a treat

  • House check & bring in mail and newspapers

  • Indoor plant watering, alternating lights and blinds if needed

  • Daily updates with a photo will be communicated to you after each visit


  • Regular visit time are between 9:00am to 11:00am and 4:00pm to 7:00pm

  • Minimum 2 visits per week if you are in town

  • If you are out of town, we need to visit your cat every day and we will make sure that visits take place in every 24 hours

  •  A key to your home is provided either in a lockbox or is left at your front desk


30-minute visit is $45 plus HST

$5 plus HST per visit if oral medicine is need (a trial run might be needed)

* Holiday sittings have 30% surcharge


Service Rates and Requirements

puppy play training


  • Puppy visits are one on one, for 30 minutes long

  • Visits are between 9:45am to 11am and 1:45pm to 3:30pm

  • We provide fresh water at each visit and feed upon request with provided food

  • If puppies are attending any training sessions or classes, we could follow their existing learning content and train them accordingly

  • We walk them upon request and teach them basic fundamentals with positive reinforcement training methods

  • We help them exercise physically and mentally

  • We clean up any messes or pee pads

  • Daily updates with a photo


  • Dogs must be 16 weeks old or younger

  • If feeding is required, please have food prepared and ready

  • A key to your home is provided either in a lockbox or is left at your front desk

  • Shots are all up to date

  • We require at least 2 visits per week

  • Please keep us updated on any changes to your puppy’s behavior


30-minute visit is $30 plus HST

* Services for additional dogs at home will receive 10% off

* Prices differ for evening and weekend visits

* Holiday visits have 30% surcharge


Service Rates and Requirements

Home-style boarding


  • Cage-free boarding in our homes with a fenced backyard

  • Pickup and drop off services are available upon request

  • Choice to board with other pets or to be separated with other pets

  • Crate is provided if needed

  • We administer medication except Insulin and needles

  • 2-4 walks a day depending on their physical abilities and weather condition

  • 15-minute brushing per day is included

  • If your dog is not well socialized yet or is little bit fearful of people or other dogs, we will help them develop more outgoing attitude in general


  • All dogs must be neutered or spayed by 1 year of age

  • All dogs must be up to date with vaccinations and heart worm

  • We cannot take dogs that have aggression, anxiety issues

  • Must be potty trained or use pee pads

  • Owners need to provide food, bowls, bed/blanket and their favorite toy

  • Booking must be made at least 2 weeks prior to leaving, short-notice bookings are subject to a surcharge

  • 50% deposit is required before the first day of boarding


Every 24 hours (7pm-7pm) is $50 plus HST

Pickup and drop-off service is $15 plus HST

* 10% off, if boarding more than a week

* Holiday bookings are subject to 30% surcharge.

Add-on service



15 minutes $15 plus HST
30 minutes $25 plus HST


Ear Plucking $15 plus HST
Ear Cleaning $10 plus HST


Nail Cutting $15 plus HST
Nail Grinding $10 plus HST


Pad Trimming $15 plus HST

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