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Isn’t it exciting to welcome your new puppy that you’ve waited for so long to be home for the first time? How quickly was it though, to be frustrated and struggling how to train them with their potty breaks, nipping and jumping issues, excessive barking, inappropriate chewing and bolting problems?


Puppies are like babies; everything is new to them. And if you are a first-time dog owner, everything is new to you, too. Going to a group training session is a very good idea. While you and your puppy are attending once-a-week sessions, you are taught basic obedience cues and your puppy starts to learn socialization, however, at the end of the day you still need to train them at home every single day. 


The first two months after you pick your new puppy home is very important for the rest of your time together. It is easy for them to learn unwanted behaviors in the very beginning and hard for them to learn positive socialization at a later stage.


Puppy Play-Training is taking place at this point. This service not only provides human interaction during the day but also give them basic fundamental training with positive reinforcement training methods, as well as exercises they need for physical and mental well-being. With a visit a day, or a few days through the week, you will have a happy puppy with good manners.

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